Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Canteen Kitchen Set

Here in the canteen kitchen of Camp Knossos, the ultimate levels of inhumanity are on display. The meat hooks, stew pots, and an industrial meatgrinder all testify that not only are humans slaughtered here, but repurposed as the basest of food. It is a bitter consolation that an evil Counselor somehow managed to get dragged into the grinding gears of the machine with the "Off" switch just barely out of his grasp.

The additional tension of immediate peril takes the form of a propane tank left on the stovetop. Blue LEDs simulate a live gas burner, a scorched metallic rainbow of scenic finish on the tank simulates the effects of real flame, and concealed speakers play the resonant sounds of metal expanding and a keening whistling suggesting the point of imminent explosion. Bursts of compressed air directed at passing guests will be sufficient to startle guests into reflexively thinking this expected explosion just occurred alongside them.

A showy device for quartering live Scouts dominates one wall of the set. Mechanical panels slide apart after noisy buzzsaws slide through the shackled body, revealing anatomically accurate section views of the corpse. Of particularly distinct showmanship is the integration of hoses that spray fake blood onto the glass partition as the body is split, enlivening the action. A thin sheet of cleansing water is utilized to clean the glass after the reset is completed, ready for the next set of attendees.

You may ask: why is there a bloody pentagram right next to the period-accurate can of Cheez Whiz? One can envision a scene of a sadistic Counselor  mocking a doomed and pleading Scout with the extra torment of courting damnation, but there is a more direct reference backing up this inclusion. Did you not know? Satan Eats Cheez Whiz.

Make note of the gasoline can placed by the door; it's crucial to tomorrow's entry.

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