Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meet The Lurker

"There's A Homicidal Maniac Who Finds A Cub Scout Troop / And He Hacks Up Two Or Three In Every Scene" - Nature Trail to Hell, by "Weird Al" Yankovic

If the matted hair, tangled beard, bloodstained-black jeans, and thorn-torn fleece-lined leather jacket makes it look like he’s been tromping around in the forest for thirty years, that’s because that’s exactly the case.

The Lurker haunts the periphery of Camp Knossos, and Counselors make a point of mentioning the body count tallied up by him just to keep reluctant and terrified Scouts from plotting to escape the camp itself. Not to say The Lurker is not capable of easily infiltrating the premises at will.

It's whispered that The Lurker is preternaturally silent, and that if you ever do hear him growl, it's because his bloody hatchet is already swinging in an arc toward your skull.

The Costume for The Lurker is meticulously shredded to break up the outline of the wearer, and intended to mimic the effectiveness of a Ghillie Suit. In fact, dressing and lighting a few sets of this experience that involve woodland scenes shall be formulated to maximize the visual cover around the ScareActor.

Tomorrow: The Lakefront

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