Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meet Counselor Kevin

Kevin's a powder keg of hostility. He thinks eye contact is a sign of contempt and justification for a fight. He's tried PCP and he describes the experience as "righteous." The less known about what happened to his first pet, the better for your outlook on the world.

Kevin here comes from a moneyed background, as the gold chain can attest. That background helped whisk him away to this stint as a camp counselor rather than jail time when a series of escalating arrests prompted his parents to contact a judge who is a family friend to arrange a "rehabilitation track" alternative to jail. Kevin's not sure what exactly "rehabilitate" means, but since he knows it's an important thing for keeping out of prison, he's motivated to habilitate the kids under his supervision. He thinks it means something like "punish."

As a counselor, he's been known to smack metal trashcans with baseball bats to announce his presence, threaten to put out his cigarette in campers' faces, and use a shovel to both assault people and dispose of the resultant evidence.

Counselors are equipped with an appropriate prop suitable for the scene, sneakers, a red-cuffed t-shirt with the label "COUNSELOR" written on it in a period-appropriate typeface, and short shorts.

Why short shorts? Other than acting as a reminder that "Reno 911" was a great show, it actually hearkens back to the time in the late 70s/early 80s when Dolfin shorts were A Thing.

Proof that Short Shorts was A Thing, before you start snickering at the costumes for the Counselors:

Oh, what the hell. Snicker away anyway.

Tomorrow: The Bunkhouse

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