Friday, October 26, 2012

Please Don't Reveal The Secret Ending To Your Friends

This Is How It All Fits Together.

I waited until now to provide the Plan View of the entire experience in order to avoid Spoilers. Click the links below to take you to the individual scenes described in the walkthrough:

The Entry Façade

The Bus Crash Scene

The Camp Knossos Entry Scene

The Bunkhouse Interior

The Shower Room and Toilet Stalls

The Lakeshore Exterior Set

The Mess Hall

The Arts & Crafts Room

The Perimeter Wall

The Canteen Kitchen

The Forest Fire Scene

The Home Again Scene
— —

A headcount of the ScareActors tallies a pool of 32 in the maze's current state; one would add at least half again to that total to accommodate the cycles of those rotating on break when their shift ends. Accounting for the additional staff of supervisors, tech gurus, and security must also be considered. The ultimate personnel roster may be considered too large to be financially feasible for one maze, and thus may be a source for determining cutbacks by working backwards from any trimmed proposed ScareActor positions to the individual areas in which they would work. It's all part of the limitations to be expected.

Monday: Home Again


  1. Wow...I've been following this blog since your interview at Kindertrauma and I finally have to comment (which I've had trouble doing since I no longer have a WordPress blog to verify I'm not a spambot). This whole this is so twisted and I love it!! I'm also doubly impressed at the presentation as a graphic design grad.

    1. Thank you! I am flattered by any praise that comes from others in the field of Design. I hope that the entire presentation comes across as both plausible and entertaining; if you testify that this is twisted, then I can't help but feel I've scored on the intent for this particular design challenge.

      I also want to take the opportunity to once again thank Kindertrauma for hosting their "It's A Horror To Know You" Series, of which one can find my own contribution here: .

    2. Technically I'm not *in* the field of design because I only have the diploma and not a job as a designer. But I do have the qualifications, so I recognize when something's been done really well. Not to harsh your buzz or anything!

    3. Consider the Buzz Not Harshed. Anyone with an appreciation for design, let alone the effort to produce their own content, is already well qualified to judge.